Behaviour Change Campaign: School Exclusions

Applications are now closed

The West Midlands Violence Reduction unit (WMVRU) would like to commission an organisation to complete the first stage of a wider behavioural change campaign which, in the long term, will reduce school exclusions in the West Midlands.  The campaign will eventually target the behaviours which, if altered, moderated, changed or influenced, will lead to a reduction in both temporary and permanent school exclusions.

However, this grant only relates to the first part of the overall project, which, as a minimum, should include thorough research and analysis of the problem of school exclusions. This work must be completed by 31st March 2020.

You will use quantitative and qualitative research to assess the local context and to gain a clear understanding of why there has been an increase in school exclusions across the West Midlands and what the drivers are.

This grant covers the period until 31st March 2020, but your organisation will be expected to consider, as part of your proposal, how the campaign would develop in the next financial year i.e. stage 2: the intervention and evaluation.

Closing dates for applications is midday 10th January 2020.

Applications should be submitted to

For applicants that reach the interview stage they will be expected to attend an interview in Birmingham on 17th January. Notifications of interviews will be sent out no later than 5pm on 15th January 2020.

If you have any questions about the specification and/or application process please email Tom Turrell on

Applications are now closed