Acting and working according to what the evidence indicates to be effective is an important part of taking a public health approach. This does not preclude innovation in seeking to improve work, but we should use evidence to inform what elements have been shown to be effective, or ineffective, elsewhere.

The Strategic Needs Assessment is the bedrock of the VRU’s violence prevention activity. The analysis and insights provided by the Needs Assessment helps to set the direction and policy decisions of the VRU and partners and is critical to the success of the VRU.

You can download it here: (click image below)

thumbnail of Strategic Needs Assessment WM VRU April 2020

We can also suggest a variety of sources to learn about how to use evidence, as well as in accessing evidence, such as evaluation material.

The Early Intervention Foundation hosts a library of evidence, particularly their searchable ‘Guide Book’ to evidence for a range of early intervention work with families.

The World Health Organization’s Violence Info site hosts a global evidence database

The Public Health Institute at Liverpool John Moore’s University has a searchable database for evidence relating to violence prevention

The Royal Society for Public Health has an evidence hub for taking a public health approach to policing, crime and violence

The Alliance for Useful Evidence champions the smarter use of evidence and has a range of resources.

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